Day of Dinners

Rise Up POTLUCK LUNCH!at Doylestown Friends Meetinghouse ♥️✊🏽

Sunday, June 25, 1-3pm

DAY OF DINNERS (and lunch!)  We’re part of this national day of community building in DOYLESTOWN! Plans are underway for a potluck gathering for Rise Up Doylestown, organized in partnership with the Del Val University Grad Students for Social Justice.

This nationwide Day of Dinners is sponsored by many progressive organizations including: Dream Defenders, Movement for Black Lives, Planned Parenthood, Million Hoodies, United We Dream, Women’s March and more! Rise Up Doylestown is excited to take part!

RSVP now and bring a dish that has some meaning for you on Sunday at 1-3pm. We are doing lunch instead of dinner to be inclusive and welcoming to our Muslim friends during their holy month celebrations. 

“We are so divided, and there’s so much vitriol amongst us, let’s do our part to sit down and see each other as human beings as neighbors.” (Linda Sarsour)

We know we CAN have enough for all of us when we come together. Our story will be one of community and courage. And that’s the story we’re going to tell with Day of Dinners. Our vision is that on June 25th, thousands of people across the country will open up their homes, places of worship and shared spaces as we dine together in the spirit of community.

Daily, we see acts of hate in our lives or in our timelines. This moment calls upon us to come together to dig deeper, have real conversations and act. On June 25th, join us for a #DayofDinners. People across the country will be sitting at the dinner table with good food, new friends and comrades to break down barriers and pave a new way into a future worth fighting for.

Sign up to attend our dinner by visiting

Many of us have been raised to leave politics and religion at the door when we sit down with family for a meal, but this is a different kind of family. On Day of Dinners, we come together knowing we’re not perfect, not always on the same page, but knowing that we want to build something greater with our communities. We will come together to give freely of ourselves and to fight back against the narrative that silos us into us vs. them. We’re coming together to share and build — in order to truly resist.

Over 5000 folks are already signed up to join a neighborhood potluck across the US. Join ours in Doylestown! 


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