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Rise Up Doylestown

The BEST way to stay up to date with Rise Up Doylestown is by joining our Facebook group at RiseUpDoylestown. 

We realize not everyone is on Facebook or wants to be. Alas, it is the most up to date, user friendly, rapid posting space for us to utilize at the moment. Nearly all of our events are posted there.

TIP if you don’t like FB: Some members have set up new accounts with FB that they use ONLY for groups like ours – NOT as a social media platform, not to follow friends from elementary school, but only as a way to communicate with specific groups. 

Please come on over and find us there! If you send us questions through FB, we get them almost instantly on our mobile devices and can respond much more quickly than through the website. 

You’ll need to ask to join the FB group, and due to our priority on keeping the group relevant, fact based and supportive –  we screen for trolls, marketing ploys and fake news.

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